´╗┐Harbour Assist represents a single place where you can gather all communications between your organisation and your customers regardless of the channel. The idea being that anyone in your organisation can see exactly what has been said, when it was said, and who said it; effectively ending the need to hunt through variety of people's mailboxes or try to find letters in boxes or files on servers.

All Emails, Letters, Phonecalls and Meeting notes can be found under the Account > Communications tab. These are ordered from most recent to oldest.

At the top of the table of Communications there is a button for each Communication channel allowing you to create new records. Clicking on any of these buttons will take you to the composer for that Communication channel.


Outgoing: Emails are either typed directly in the Editor, or a predefined template used. More information can be found in the links below.

Composing an Email

Creating a Template - TODO

Incoming: Keeping a list of outgoing emails is great, but it's of limited use if there's no way of capturing the customer's responses or emails that they send you.

As all emails dispatched by Harbour Assist appear as though they came from your organisation's email address, Harbour Assist can't directly intercept any responses that come from your customers. To get around this, we provide a "tracking mailbox" that anyone in your organisation can forward emails to, and Harbour Assist will automatically attach the email to the right Account.

It doesn't matter whether the email is from the customer, or whether it's from someone in the office who doesn't use Harbour Assist. Just forward the email to your tracking email address and as long as we have the right email address against the customer record, we'll find all the email addresses in the message and attach it to the right customer.


Outgoing: We provide a powerful Letter composition engine that will generate branded/letterheaded pdfs without you having to compose them in word. More information in the following sections:

Composing a Letter - TODO

Creating a Letter Template - TODO

Incoming: We allow you to upload scans of letters of importance that you have received.