v2015.2 - September

"Lookup" editing

One of our most requested features; the ability to add/remove drop-down entries yourself.

This is only suitable for dropdown values that are not crucial to the system operation, so you can only do this to:

  • Boat Info (Construction, Keel Types, Home Ports etc)
  • Account Titles (Mr, Mrs etc)
  • Mooring Types
  • Mooring Physical Types

You can get to this page by going to Administration > Lookups Administration. You will of course need to have the right permissions to see this.

"Type-ahead" dropdown

To compliment the ability for you to add as many (!) dropdown values as you want, we have enabled the ability to start typing to filter the dropdown list (so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of entries).

This is only enabled for dropdowns which allow you to add custom entries.

Batch Run improvements

Our batch renewal engine can generate thousands of renewals an hour, but there were limitations on how a batch could be composed (previously it was purely based on Tariffs associated with a Boat). We are investing time to improve this to cover all bases, the first raft of these changes are now live:

"Renewal Group" functionality

We have extended this to include the ability for you to assign a Boat to a "Renewal Group" and choose which Groups are included in a Batch.

This gives you more freedom to segment your Customers' boats and only include these even if they share the same tariffs as other boats that aren't relevant.

Renewal Email functionality

Renewal runs now fully support dispatching the renewals by email. The invitations are sent as a PDF attachment which is identical to how you would print it. We have also included:

  • Ability to sample up to 20 orders and send examples to a designated email address.
  • Summary financial information for you to track how much of a given Batch has been paid. This is visible both in the Batch List and the Batch Screen.
  • Renewal emails are tracked for Opens & Bounces as per all other emails.

Invoice and Receipt email improvements

There is now a link at the bottom of each Account's "Communications" Tab, which allows you to see all emails that have been sent to the Account, including Invoices, Receipts and any Batch Runs.

  • We track whether the emails have been Opened, Bounced or Sent.
  • The original attachment can be opened from this list - useful if you want to see what has changed.
  • You have the option to re-send any email in this list. You will be prompted whether you want to re-send to the same person, or you can enter a new address - useful if you want to send it to someone else in addition to the Account.