v2015.3 - October

Team Chat

We have launched a beta release of "Team Chat", which occupies a side-panel to the right of the screen. It's designed to act as a quick way to message the team.

  • To open/close the panel, there is a chat button in the top toolbar (next to the weather icon).
  • Chats are visible to all team members; be mindful of what you send.
  • By default, a discrete sound is played when a Chat arrives. You can mute this by clicking on the music icon at the top of the Chat Window.
  • The chat window 'remembers' whether it was open or closed and whether the notification sound was muted when you re-open Harbour Assist on the same PC/iPad.
  • Chat messages only exist for 24 hours before they are lost forever - don't use this for messaging you want to keep.

We'll monitor how much this is used and if it's popular, we may extend it to include private/group messaging. This is a technical experiment, so we may have to pull this feature for technical reasons.

Please do let us know whether you think it's useful.

Account Un-Delete

Added ability to Un-Delete an Account. This feature works best for Accounts deleted after this release. When you delete an account, the system tracks which Orders and Boats were part of the 'Delete' operation and brings the right ones back too.

For Accounts deleted before this release, all Orders are restored, even if some of the Orders were deleted before the Account was deleted. You can tell which Accounts were deleted before this release, as they will have an empty "Deleted By" in the list of deleted Accounts.

You can find the undelete tool under Administration > Data Tools > Account Undelete.

You will have to log out and back in in order to see this (and of course have the right Permissions).

Other Changes & Fixes

  • When clicking the "+" button too quickly on the Tariff Selection page, the system would some times duplicate line items and the total cost get out of sync. This action has been overhauled and performance improved.
  • 3 new permissions added. Ability to delete payment, ability to delete an Order, ability to Cancel an Order.
  • Caching overhauled to finally get rid of the "duplicate" orders appearing in the Account Order list.
  • Ability to edit Tax point date on Order (subject to specific permission).
  • General performance improvements when viewing account page.