v2015.4 - November

Mooring maintenance improvements

  • We have made the dropdown values for Inspection Results configurable via the Admin > Lookups area. NB: As this means the System no-longer knows which Result is a "Pass" or "Failure", we have replaced the 'All OK' button with the ability to set all items to a single Result.
  • Added the ability to have the same component on a Mooring multiple times, to cater for when 2 instances need to be inspected separately. If a Component is on a Mooring more than once, you can now enter a "Placement" for each of them, so there is no ambiguity about which one is being inspected.
  • Added the ability to add Inspection notes on a Part level. This allows people performing the inspection to put in detailed information about the state of a specific Part rather than having to reference the Part in the overall Inspection notes.
  • Added Inspection History to the "New Inspection" page to give context when performing an Inspection.
  • Added the ability to remove Parts from Moorings. NB: If you do this to a Part that has already been inspected, the Part-Inspections are also removed.

Mooring Allocation Changes

  • We now log Offers & Rejections against Waiting List entries, the Account & the Mooring. If there is a history, you will see a small 'clock' icon against the entry on the Allocation page. Clicking on this clock will show the history.
  • Additional Fields are displayed on the Allocation page to better help you make the allocation decision.
  • When a Boat is allocated from the Allocation page, you are prompted whether you want to remove the Boat from Waiting List(s) or Leave them on.
  • You can now allocate/deallocate both Licence holders and Temporary holders independently from the Mooring Page.
  • You are now alerted if you try to Allocate a Boat onto a Mooring that is too small, you can ignore the alert and continue, but at least you're now warned! :)
  • The restriction of no more than one Boat from a single Account being allowed on a Waiting List has been lifted.

Email Bounce handling

When you send an email to an incorrect email address, we detect the Bounce and a task is now sent to the Administration & Finance team letting them know that an email has been sent from HA to an invalid email address. The idea is that you should contact the customer and correct their address.

NB: Due to the way email works, there can be a large delay between the sending of an email and it bouncing; don't expect this to be immediate.

The Task references the Account relating to the affected Email, so you can quickly get to the record.

Minor Changes

  • Added ability to capture notes against a Credit note.
  • Added new permission which is required for overriding the Payment Date ("FinancialCanOverridePaymentDate").
  • Tidied up payment page - Account Ref now visible on each page + cosmetic changes.
  • Significant (load time more than halved) performance improvements when loading account data. You may notice this when viewing a Boat, a Mooring or an Order.
  • Added "Meeting" Communciation Channel, so you can capture notes about conversations when a customer comes into the Office/on the water.

Bug Fixes

  • Reconciliation summaries now including non-allocated Payments.
  • Fee collection not showing any entries has been resolved.
  • Fixed inbound email processing engine which fell over if the html or text content was empty.