v2015.5 - November

Moorings renamed to 'Assets'

A number of customers are using Moorings inspection engine to capture and track other items under their control, so we have re-named these to Assets to give a more broad use.

Electricity Bollard & Meter Reading support

  • If your harbour supports it (contact us if you need it enabling), you will see a new Mooring Type of "Electricity". When a mooring is set to this, a new Tab appears showing Meter Readings. This allows you to capture incremental meter readings and "Drawdown" them to generate an order. The Drawdown uses the Tariffs associated with the Mooring.
  • When you drawdown meter readings, a "Preview" of the Order that is going to be generated is displayed to allow you to predict / double-check the amount.

Small Changes

  • Added ability to download Reports (that don't have parameters) directly from the Report List. Saves some button clicks.

Bug fixes

  • Chat window was re-opening when you closed your browser after telling it to remain closed.
  • Order page screen jump resolved.