v2016.1 - January

Happy new year, and our first release of 2016! We have a bumper year ahead, with 2 major features planned:

  1. Ability to bulk-email and mailmerge segments of your customers. (e.g. Send an email to all Powerboat owners moored in a specific region). Beta testers needed. Please drop us a line.
  2. Built-in mapping support, to allow you to see at-a-glance information about who owes what and where they are.

Before that, back to what's in this release:

Allocation Changes

We have changed the way that allocations work slightly in a couple of places:

  1. When you allocate a Boat to an Asset, the system no longer automatically de-allocates other Assets from the Boat. You are are now prompted to tell the system which other Assets you wish to remove the Boat from. The reason for this is some customers have Boats on more than one Asset, so automatic de-allocation doesn't work for them.

  2. Also, if the Temporary occupant of an Asset is different to the Licenced, they will be left on the Asset when the licence-holder is removed. Temporary occupants usually have a different lifecycle to Licence holders, so on reflection this should be a conscious decision for a Manager to remove them rather than the system doing it.

  3. When using the Allocation page, the prompt allowing you to remove Assets from Waiting Lists has been made clearer.

We will be updating the whole way that we manage "Asset Occupancy" later this year. Please contact us if you'd like more info. It will answer inconsistencies that currently exist such as "why can't I see any visitor Boats on the Asset administration page" and "Why can't I see residential occupancy on Mooring Tiles".

Email Enhancements

We have introduced the ability to re-send emails. This is available from the cog-dropdown next to any System-generated Email or Email Communication. When you select this, HA prompts you whether you want to send to:

  • The original recipient.
  • The current Account's email address (if different from the original recipient)
  • A recipient of your choosing.

The re-send is saved as a new standalone Email record so you retain a full "who's received what" history (and benefit from all the open/bounce tracking). Remember, you can see the full list of dispatched emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Communications tab on the Account Page.

We have also added the ability to add Attachments to outgoing emails. You'll see a "Choose File" button when composing an Email. This is currently limited to one attachment per email, but we'll extend this to allow multiple attachments if you think this would be useful. Please let us know.

Renewal Letter viewing

This is only a small change, but this will make managing renewals easier. You can now view the Renewal Invitation letter / attachment from the Order page. Previously to do this, you had to find the Account/Order in the Renewal Batch. It can now be done right from the Order page; obviously this button is only visible when the current Order has been generated via a Renewal.

Small Changes

  • Re-instated spell check on the email editor.
  • Chat now has "presence information" - i.e. who's online. Green face = this person is online, Red face = this person is offline.
  • Improved layout of Task top-dropdown on smaller devices.
  • Task page now remembers where you were, so back-button no longer means you have to re-select Team/User you were looking at.
  • Task deletion; you can only now delete Tasks that you created, unless you have a specific permission allowing you to delete anyones.
  • Deleting an Order from the Order Page now navigates to the Account Order tab, rather than taking you back to Home page.
  • When a Boat's status is changed, this is now logged in the History, and who did it.
  • Added the historical notes widget to Asset page.

Bug fixes

  • Report "download to excel" was stripping some columns when a date field was empty.
  • Resolved issue whereby very long letters weren't allowing preview pdf.
  • Email Bounces Team Allocation is now stored in config to allow for differing customer Team set ups.
  • Adding boat to waiting list wasn't refreshing consistently.
  • Tasks with no duration weren't appearing on calendar.