v2016.2 - February

Smart Lists

Introducing our new Smart Lists feature. You can now query your customer database as you wish, send them bulk emails, or generate bulk Mail Merge documents for postage and attachment to Account records. This is a large bit of functionality so is too big to describe in detail here. Full documentation can be found here.

New Documentation

If you're reading this, you're looking at our new documentation platform. Documenting all features will take time, so consider this a work in progress. We'll be adding content during Spring/Summer 2016. If anyone has any content that would help us to build it quicker (or any feedback on the Content), please drop us a line.

Email Attachments

All emails now support multiple attachments.

Smaller Changes

  • Renewal PDF/Word doc generation now allows you to choose a range of entries to generate as a document. This makes the management of PDFs much easier, and elimiates the need of having to break batches into small units purely because the browser dosn't like large PDFs.
  • Hardware upgrades. We have upgraded our server infrastructure significantly. You should notice performance improvements when performing processor-intensive operations like renewal runs. This is just the start of a programme of upgrades which we'll be carrying out this year.
  • Added ability to add Asset Components yourself. Administration > Operational Tools > Asset Components.
  • Error Messages are now displayed in the middle of the screen. This makes them much harder to miss. Previously they were at the top, so if you were scrolled down, you wouldn't see it.
  • Updated Mooring Allocation:
    • Offers are now reflected on all Entries even if on different Waiting Lists.
    • Rejecting an Offer removes the Offer from all Mooring Waiting List entries.

Bug Fixes

  • Now you can't send an email if the Account doesn't have an email address (Duh - face palm).