The Bulk Email Action allows you to send Emails to all the members of a List. The page is straightforward, but each of the elements are listed below.

Bulk Email

Guide to the Screen

  1. Choose who to send the Emails to. Choose whether you want to send to everyone on the list, or only those who have a Preferred Invoice Format of "Email". The number of members that fit both criteria are shown.

  2. Choose a Template. This shows the same Email Templates that are available when emailing an Account individually. This is optional and you can just compose the content in the editor if you don't want to use a Template (#5).

  3. Preview: Displays a window that previews the first 10 members of the list with the body of the Email. This allows you to check that you have merge tags correct.

  4. Subject of the Email. This is required before you can hit Send. NB: Merge Tags are not supported in the subject.

  5. Content. This is an HTML editor, so you can apply formatting in a similar manner to Microsoft Word. If you want more fine-grained control, you can hit the Code (<>) button, with which you can edit the HTML directly.

  6. Attachments. You can add as many attachments are you wish, but the total size must not exceed 25Mb. Be mindful that some ISPs will block emails with too many attachments.

  7. Sending. When you hit the Send button, the emails will be queued for dispatch on the Server. You will be notified by a small pop up in the lower right part of your screen each time an email is sent. Once you have hit Send, it cannot be undone.