´╗┐Use this Action to create Mail Merge documents for sending mailshots to the members of a Smart List.

Mail merge screenshot

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1: Who to include:

Choose whether you want to generate the Mail Merge for all members of the List or only those that have a Preferred Invoice Format of Letter. The numbers in the brackets are the # of members who match each choice.

2. Template

Choose which Word or Letter template you wish to use for the Mail Merge. This dropdown shows both pre-written letters (as you would see if composing an individual letter to a customer), and Word Templates that don't have any pre-defined body text.

Regardless of what you select, if the Word Template has a [BodyText] merge tag, the content of the Letter Body will be injected at the appropriate place. There will be further documentation on how to create your own Word Templates in the future. In the meantime, we suggest you download an existing template from Administration > Word Templates and use this as a basis for any new Templates.

3: Pagination

The 3 options available are:

  • None: No logic is applied. In reality, you're unlikely to need this option.
  • Insert Page Break: This will insert a Page Break after every Account so you can be sure that each Account will start on a fresh page.
  • Duplex: Duplex means dual-sided printing. When your printer is set to do this, this option not only ensures that an Account starts on a new page, but also that it starts on an odd page (i.e. the front of a fresh sheet of paper rather than the back of a sheet).

4: Document Format

Whether you want the output in Word or PDF format. Default is PDF.

5: Open

This opens the Generated document in the selected format.

6: Letter Body

If the Word Template you have selected in the Template dropdown has a [BodyText] Merge Field, then the content of the Letter Body will be injected at this point. Letter Body can contain any Account field surrounded with curly brackets and the value relevant for each Account will be injected. For example, including the following in the Body Text:

 Dear {Title} {Lastname},

..will be replaced with the Title and Lastname for each Account & be different for each Account.

Full list of Account Merge Fields

7: Save against Accounts

By clicking this, Communication records are created against each Account, so the Mail Merge document appears in the customers' Communication History.

For the sake of flexibility, Harbour Assist doesn't force you to Save the letters/docs against the relevant Accounts, but for the sake of helping your colleagues understand what the customer is talking about when they talk about "the letter I've just received", we recommend it.

8: Records to Output

Smart Lists can (and will) contain thousands of Account records, and Mail Merges with multiple page letters/forms generate correspondingly large PDF / Word documents.

Printers, Browsers and even reasonable PCs tend to groan under the strain when things get too much. Use this option to break the generated document into bite-sized chunks. What is "too big" depends on a lot of factors, but start with breaking it into 100 record blocks and see how you get on.